Where Will YOU Be On Black Friday?

November 15, 2012 - 2:31pm


Following on the heels of the first-ever strikes by Walmart workers across the country, workers are recommitting and going on strike to stop the company’s retaliation and attempts to silence workers for speaking out for change. 

Will you stand with them on Black Friday? If so, we are asking you to adopt a Walmart store and plan an action.  Even a small delegation of 2 to 5 people will show support for Walmart workers and send a strong message to Walmart. 

Here are some ideas for ways to show your support:

1)      Delegations of two or more people to Walmart managers to deliver a letter in support of the workers.

2)      Flyering of customers

3)      Thanking Walmart workers

4)      Organize prayer vigils, caroling or join an existing action.

5)      More ideas and materials here!

Find a location for the nearest action here! 

Please be sure to take pictures of your peaceful, legal protest and send them to us. Locations of Walmart stores and materials for actions are attached. 

For more information, please contact Edwin Argueta by email or call (617) 524-8778.