April 12, 2017: Tufts Nurses Informational Picket

Support the nurses of Tufts Medical Center
at their informational picket!
Wednesday, April 12 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., 800 Washington Street

The MNA nurses at Tufts Medical Center have been fighting for a fair contract for nearly a year, with 23 negotiating sessions being held so far.

What are the Tufts nurses fighting for in these contract negotiations?

The safety of their patients!
· Nurses want safe patient limits in all hospital units
· They want more charge nurses, more IV nurses, and more CRNs
· And nurses want an end to the broken system of reassignments that has management moving
RNs around without enough consideration of their training, skills, and competencies
Wages that are market competitive!
· Of all the RNs at the city’s teaching hospitals, Tufts’ nurses are the lowest paid
· Trying to recruit new nurses with these uncompetitive wages in place is a constant struggle;
staffing suffers as result
· Newly hired nurses regularly leave for better paying positions once they have enough
experience; this contributes to the chronic understaffing of nurses that the hospital faces daily
Protection of their existing benefits!
· Management wants to take away the existing defined benefit pension plan
· Management wants a “paid time off” (PTO) system; the result would be a considerable loss of
time off for all nurses, although those who plan to have a child, who become seriously ill, or
who have a loved one who is seriously ill, will be particularly affected

We hope to see you on the picket line, and thank you for your support!