March 31, 2017: Webinar — When Community and Labor Join Forces

When Community and Labor Join Forces:
Parent, Student and Teacher Partnerships that Yield Systemic Change

Friday, March 31, 2017 at 2:00 pm EST

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One of the many insightful picket signs from the successful 2012 Chicago teachers’ strike read, “together we bargain: alone we beg.” That important lesson doesn’t apply only to teachers, but to everyone who wants to improve their public schools.

In that spirit, several cities have developed community and labor partnerships that are working on collective community bargaining platforms for local change that goes beyond teacher salary and school day hours. These alliances translate into community power.

Early education funding, community schools, changing zero tolerance policies, and even banking foreclosure reform are among the issues community and labor groups are uniting around and scoring big wins. Across the country, parents, students and educators are discovering the power they have when they build a common vision and work together to make it a reality.

Join the Schott Foundation and community and labor leaders for an exclusive webinar — part of our 25th anniversary celebration — in which we will discuss effective collaborations and strategies used by teachers unions and education justice groups led by parents, students and community members to achieve substantive outcomes for students and communities in Chicago. We will also explore the broader implications for community and labor partnerships to address education reform, as well as the racial and economic justice issues that impact a student’s opportunity to learn.