May 17 & 18: Phone Bank for Public Education

On May 20, thousands of parents, educators, and students are uniting to demand:

  • Full funding for public education, Pre-K through college
  • Debt-free public higher education
  • Less testing, more learning
  • Equitable access to quality education for all students

Rally for Public Education

Saturday, May 20

2-5 PM

Boston Common @ Beacon & Charles St

RSVP and find a ride from locations around the state here!

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Right now, we need your help getting the word out to everyone we can! We’ll be making phone calls from our office to let folks know about the rally for the next two weeks.

The more people we can mobilize, the clearer our message that Massachusetts is willing to stand up for public education.

Can you spend an hour or two of your time making sure that we have everyone in our network with us on the 20th?

Please sign up below for a shift that works with your schedule. All phone banks will take place from 4-6 PM at our new headquarters at 375 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain.

Together, we can beat back the attacks on our public schools!