Campaign for Immigrant Workers’ Rights

At Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, we believe all workers deserve equal rights on the job, regardless of their immigration status. Our immigrant brothers and sisters are a vital part of our workforce and our community, and we stand with them as they fight for the dignity and respect they deserve.

Fighting Wage Theft

A serious issue in the immigrant community is wage theft — many employers try to get away with illegal practices, like non-payment of wages, because their employees are undocumented. In our continued fight to ensure good jobs for all, Massachusetts Jobs with Justice has teamed up with the Attorney General’s Office and local immigrant rights groups to make sure that workers get paid and justice is served to bad bosses. Through these efforts, we have helped win hundreds of thousands of dollars in owed wages for immigrant workers in Massachusetts.

Know Your Rights!

We know that the best way to fight workplace abuse is to make sure all workers know their rights on the job. That is why Massachusetts Jobs with Justice has put together a “Know Your Rights!” training, which we have been presenting across Eastern Massachusetts. This training educates workers on their basic rights at work, such as minimum wage, workplace safety, and the right to organize. If you would like us to bring this training to your organization, please contact our office.

May 1st: International Workers’ Day

Every year, thousands of people across Massachusetts take to the streets to celebrate May First, International Workers’ Day. On this day, we lift up the importance of immigrant workers in our struggle for workplace justice. We stand in solidarity with our undocumented brothers and sisters, and demand respect for all working people.

For more information about our Campaign for Immigrant Workers’ Rights, contact Lily Huang or call 617-524-8778.