Campaign to Protect Public Education

Massachusetts Jobs with Justice has joined with unions, community groups, and students to stand up against the corporate attacks on public education. As part of Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance, we are working with communities statewide to ensure that public schools are driven by community voices. We are engaging students, parents, teachers, and community members across the state to fight for quality public education and against attacks on students, working families, and teachers.

Education as a right, not a privilege.

We believe that education should be accessible to all. We are working in communities to discuss the issue of charter schools, which can often be a divisive issue for local communities. But as urban areas and gateway cities now contend with multiple charter schools, the reality of what charters do to public education is getting harder and harder to deny. Particularly in high-poverty areas the only way charters can produce high test scores is by selectively picking and choosing their students. That means programs that ultimately benefit small numbers of students at a cost to the entire community. We seek to highlight these inequalities and continue to work to ensure that all communities have quality public education that benefits all children. This includes statewide efforts to fight charter schools coming into communities, fighting against lifting the charter cap, and highlighting stories of students and parents who have gone through the charter experience.

Teachers and communities working together.

We know that the best way to improve our schools is through a collective community process. Teachers, parents, students and community residents have a common interest in a quality, well-funded public education system that for many low income residents remains the only possible path to a brighter future. Together, teachers and community members are working to enhance their neighborhoods and their schools by collaborating on issues that affect their communities, like improving access for English Language Learners and special needs students.

This initiative is a joint project of Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA), and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

For more information about our Campaign to Protect Public Education, contact Russ Davis or call our office at 617-524-8778.

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