Campaign for Health Care Justice

The health care crisis in America grows deeper everyday. More than 45 million people have no health insurance, while millions more are under-insured. The rest of us face rising premiums and deductibles, a decline in the quality of care, and cuts in public programs and essential services. Health care costs have become the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the U.S., fueling fear among working families that a severe illness or a medical emergency could ruin their dream of a better life.

Staggering increases in health costs put  employers who provide health care at a competitive disadvantage with businesses that do not provide adequate insurance to their employees. The high cost and inefficiency of the current system puts manufacturers like General Motors at a competitive disadvantage in a global economy where most other countries provide universal health care – and that means a loss of good jobs. Across the board, workers and their unions are fighting rising costs and cuts in benefits and services– in both the public and private sector, for union and non workers, and even for retirees.

To learn more about single payer, contact MassCare

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