Global Justice Committee

The Global Justice Committee is composed of labor, community and student activists who fight for worker justice across the globe. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from Colombia to France to El Salvador, wherever workers and communities are standing up for justice. We oppose “free trade” agreements, like NAFTA and CAFTA, that protect corporate profits at the expense of workers and farmers and fail to uphold environmental and human rights standards. We seek to educate our local communities about campaigns taking place outside of our country and how they impact our jobs and our communities.

Justice for El Salvador

We are working with local organizations and the Salvadoran community to build a campaign against the Pacific Rim Mining Company, a corporation that is suing the Salvadoran government for $177 million in “lost profit” under the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) because they were refused a permit to mine gold in the country. We are working in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in El Salvador and we will continue to target local shareholders for their involvement in this unjust case.

Bangladesh Solidarity

We are engaged with organizations across the country, and around the world, on a campaign to shed light on the injustice in Bangladeshi sweatshops. This includes getting false charges dropped against labor activists in Bangladesh, who are facing possible life imprisonment for trying to improve the conditions for sweatshop workers in Bangladesh. We are also in the fight for justice for Aminul, a labor activist who was murdered soon after his involvement in a movement to improve sweatshop conditions.

If you are interested in joining the Global Justice Committee, please contact Russ Davis at or call (617) 413-0713.

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