Immigrant Rights Committee

We work with local immigrant rights groups to further their work for a just and sustainable immigration system, and with local worker centers and unions to support the fight for justice in the workplace for all working people. Our Immigrant Workers’ Rights Committee seeks to come up with strategies to support immigrant workers as they organize for change, and connect the issue of immigrant workers to the overall impacts of corporate globalization.

Current campaigns & actions include:

Workers’ Rights Workshops

Too many people don’t know what rights they have in their workplace, or what to do if their employer doesn’t pay them for time worked, or mistreats them in other ways. Massachusetts Jobs with Justice offers a workshop to groups of young people, recent immigrants, and others who need an orientation about their basic rights at work.

Campaign to Oppose “Secure Communities” Program

The Immigrant Workers’ Rights Committee is working with dozens of grassroots immigrants’ rights organizations to persuade Mayor Menino not take part in a program which further criminalizes immigrants and encourages racial profiling.

May First Coalition

May 1st is International Workers Day around the world, and the immigrant communities of Greater Boston lead a march each year through Chelsea, Everett and East Boston to bring together workers from all backgrounds to march in solidarity with each other. There is a steering committee that meets regularly to organize this important event– if you are interested, we’ll let you know how you can participate!

For more information on how you can get involved in these campaigns, contact Edwin Argueta at or call 617-524-8778.

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