Restoring Trust Campaign

Just Communities / Comunidades Justas

Just Communities is a grassroots campaign led by Centro Presente and other immigrant rights organizations in Massachusetts. They have formed a coalition to fight back against the anti-immigrant, enforcement-only program called “Secure Communities.”. This program claims to target criminals by collaborating Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with local police forces; however, in reality it terrorizes communities, criminalizes innocent people, and tears families apart. “Secure Communities” is both costly and ineffective. According to statistics from the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law, nationally, 1 in 4 people who are deported under this program have never been convicted of a crime. In our own city, Boston, 50% have not been convicted of a crime.

Just Communities works to educate and activate our community around this devastating program.  They have already successfully gotten Governor Patrick to reject this program. Now, they are targeting the City of Boston.

To join this fight, contact Centro Presente at (617) 629-4731.


In Massachusetts a broad coalition of faith, labor, immigration advocacy, and civil rights groups working with immigrant communities and survivors of domestic violence are asking the legislature to pass a state bill to address the serious problems caused by the “Secure Communities” and other similar deportation programs.

The bill will be called the Massachusetts TRUST Act, modeled after a similar bill in California aimed at restoring trust with immigrant communities. The bill addresses the problems created by S-Comm by declining ICE’s administrative hold requests and allowing families to stay together.  The bill will preserve state and local resources for Massachusetts’ public safety needs and promote fairness in the criminal justice system.

To learn how you can support the MA TRUST Act, contact Sarahi