Workers’ Rights

We are living in difficult times. Greedy corporations like Walmart have launched full-fledged attacks on good jobs and workers’ rights, while simultaneously tanking our economy and not paying their taxes. Bosses are profiting off their hard work of immigrant workers by exploiting their immigration status. Big banks get bailed out, and working families are being thrown out of their homes because of unjust evictions.

Enough is enough. It’s time for an economy that is for the 99%, not the 1%.

We are part of the national Jobs With Justice network. We also support the Fight for a Fair Economy and, locally, Wage Action. Together, we are all fighting back against corporate greed and taking back our country for the working people of the United States.

We also know that in order to have a strong working class, we need a strong labor movement. That’s why we are fighting alongside local unions to make sure all workers are insured good, living wage jobs. Whether in the public or private sector, immigrant or native-born, Massachusetts Jobs with Justice will be there to support workplace organizing.

Will you join the fight for good jobs for the 99%?

Get involved today via our Solidarity Committee or call us at 617-524-8778.